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Promotional Products

Promotional products cover a broad spectrum of "freebies" that businesses give away to raise public awareness of their brand. These products can be clothing, food items, clocks, pens, USB key drives the possibilities are endless. Some businesses mail these promotional items out to customers or hand them out at trade shows or public events. Promotional products are almost always emblazoned with your company's logo and/or message for maximum effect. They can be a great tool to generate name recognition and create customer or employee goodwill, often at very little cost.

Take your time when selecting a promotional product because you want the product to be useful or fun. A good rule of thumb is cost and availablity. TSM offers quick turnaround, high-level customer service, and exceptional product quality. But if the product isn't available within your time frame you should always have an alternate product to choose from. Flexiblility is key when under a tight deadline.

TSM only has a small portion of our entire catalog on line these are some of our most popular items. Browse the catalog to get an idea of cost and turn around times. Once you have taken a brief overview contact our sales team and we will get a quote right out to you.