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Production & Decoration


Before the Internet became a resource for all kinds of purchasing and shopping, customers depended on a local promotional products distributor or local embroiderer/ screen printers to educate them about their products. Sales representatives depended on printed catalogs to show the available options in the market place limiting turn around times and product availability.

Now, you can research the entire product universe from the comfort of your computer. You can choose the products you want, send us your logo and shortly your expertly embroider or screen printed item will arrive just when you expected it.

The Next Step

Once you have chosen a product you need to start the production process by sending us your logo either by uploading it to our FTP site or sending it via email to the . We will send you an evaluation of your art work by e-mail within 24 hours. Once it has been approved the production process can continue on schedule. We must have written approval of the final art or production will be suspended until authorization is finalized.

Sign In to Get Started

To upload your graphic, you'll need to Sign Inor crate an account. Once you have Registered you will be able to proceed. Now if you already have a account and have forgotten your password we will send it to your email account it is that easy.

If at all possible, please upload a Vector Based file ie. Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw or Adobe (Macromedia) Freehand file. These are the only files we will be able to use for screen printing. If we are producing embroidery a JPG, Tiff or BMP file is acceptable in high resolution only (300 dpi at 100% of the actual reproduced size). If you don't have one of these file formats or any electronic version of your logo or symbol, our graphics department can produce it for you at a minimal charge. We can convert it and upload the converted file to your account and send you an electronic version for your future use.

Either way, we will catalog your file, assign it a graphic number and estimate the stitch count or colors needed to complete the requested order. We will send you an email with the results of our analysis along with any suggestions that might be important to your design and approval.