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Heat Transfer

Hot Split Transfers/Puff Transfers

Hot split transfers are the most popular heat transfers. After transferring they have a very soft hand and they resemble a soft screen print. The term Hot Split means that the release paper is peeled away hot. This will split the ink film leaving some on the transfer paper and the rest on the fabric.

Cold Peel Transfers

A cold peel transfer will deposit all of the ink onto the garment. These transfers usually has a rubbery feel. Cold peel transfers have great opacity and are commonly used with Superhold Powder sprinkled over the plastisol to achieve great adhesion to synthetic fabrics and caps. Can be used for foil transfers.

Glitter/High Gloss Transfers

These transfers are cold peel and are usually printed with glitter and/or metallic inks. Glitter trasfers have a very high gloss.

Sublimation Transfers

Sublimation Transfers are made from sublimation dyes (inks) that will dye synthetic materials such as polyester, when you apply heat and pressure. During the transfer process the dye turns into a gas which bonds with the synthetic fabric. Sublimation transfers can be screen or litho printed.

Litho Plastisol Transfers

A cold peel transfer whereby the first colors are printed by litho (offset) then the design is overprinted by screen printing with a plastisol coating.

Flock Transfers

Flock transfers are a cold peel transfer which gives a beautiful velvet finish. The transfer paper is supplied pre-flocked. An adhesive is screened onto flock paper and a hot melt powder is then applied.