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Screen Printing and Embroidery - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

We will ship your order within five business days of your approval of the proof we provide to you. Allow about two weeks from the time you place your order until your order is shipped to you. If we are creating a new custom design for you, expect your initial proof within five business days from the time we finalize the source for your graphic. Allow an additional 1-5 business days for shipping. Rush Service is available as are expedited shipping options.

Rush Service

If you need your order in less than two weeks, we offer two options to deliver your product in less time.

Five Day Rush

For an additional charge of $3.00 per item, $100.00 minimum, we will ship your order five business days from the day we receive your completed order and final art. Additional charges for expedited shipping are usually required.

Three Day Service

For an additional charge of $10.00 per item, $250.00 minimum, we will ship your order three business days from the day we receive your completed order and final art. Additional charges for expedited shipping are usually required.

How Do I Arrange Rush Service?

Because of the critical nature of these orders, please contact Customer Service by telephone at 215.957.9000 to determine if Rush Service is available for your order.

Shipping Options

Rush service usually necessitates expedited shipping services. Anytime you add products to your shopping cart, you have the option to check the costs of various shipping options. Usually you'll need to plan to use Second Day Air or Next Day Air.

Cutoff Time

Orders with all information complete must be submitted by 3PM, Eastern Time. Orders received after 3PM will be considered received on the following business day for purposes of determining the date of shipment.

Do you have a catalog?

Our product catalog is too extensive and dynamic to produce in printed form. We do not have a printed catalog.

Can I mix different items for quantity pricing?

If each item you order uses the same design, you may combine items, sizes and colors for pricing (see below for exclusion on headwear), although there is a minimum of four per item per color. For instance, if you order 48 denim shirts, 24 Polos and 24 jackets and the same design is used for all items, you would use the "96-143" (48+24+24=96) price break for each item. Because embroidery on headwear requires a special setup and special equipment, headwear must stand alone for quantity pricing and for minimum quantities. Within the headwear category, you may combine items, sizes and colors, as long as each item is embroidered with the same basic design and there is a minimum of four per item per color.

What if the items I order need different colors in the embroidery?

There is no charge for additional color ways to match the different colors of items you order. We will design the color ways for you based on the items you order.

Can I see a sample of my embroidery before I place my order?

Because of the considerable number of hours required to prepare and proof your design, we do not prepare embroidery samples before you place your order. However, when you place an order we will prepare a proof for your approval prior to production. Sample embroidery is available for a setup fee of $150.00. The sample embroidery charge will be refunded to you when you place a quantity order of at least 12 pieces.

Do I see my embroidery before you ship my order?

Within five business days of the time you place your order, we will make a proof of your embroidery available to you for approval. We will not embroider your order without your prior approval. If you have any concerns, please request a no charge pre-production sample.

Should I order a product sample?

If you are unfamiliar with the product you are considering, we strongly recommend you order a sample without embroidery. Once you have evaluated the sample, you may return it for full credit.

Can I send my items to you for embroidery?

We only embroider or screen print the items we sell.

What is the largest embroidery I can get?

The largest embroidery we produce must fit within a circle with a diameter of 5.5 inches.

How many colors can I use?

Our machines will accommodate up to 15 colors. There is no charge for using more than a certain number of colors. Color Palette (need a color palette page)

What is included in the Pricing?

Prices for all products include custom embroidery or screen printing of your design (up to 10,000 stitches) or 2 screens when you purchase at least 12. There are no digitizing or setup fees. Our prices do not include shipping and if your design exceeds 10,000 stitches. An estimate of shipping is available anytime you place items in your shopping cart.

Why Simplified?

We chose the simplified approach because it's easier and less confusing to our customers. Other suppliers may ask you to pay setup or digitizing fees. There may be an additional per-item charge for embroidery or screen printing. And if you have a high stitch count design, you will probably have some type of additional charge for extra stitches.

Compare and Save

The only way to accurately compare prices is to total all the charges for each supplier and compare the totals.

Quantity Pricing

When you order more, the fixed cost of manufacturing per unit your order is lower and we pass the savings on to you. The quantity pricing is clearly stated for each product.

How is Price Determined for Screen Printing?

Like any other kind of printing, the most important factors in determining price are quantity and quality of the item to be printed. Other factors such as the color of the garment and the number of ink colors are also important variables. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the garment (whites, natural, heathers) and the fewer the ink colors; the lower the price.

What are your Minimums for Screen Printing?

We require a low minimum of just 48 pieces. Sizes (and sometimes colors) can be mixed according to the customerís wishes, but the artwork must be uniform throughout the run.

Can I see a Sample of My Screen Printing Order Before it Prints?

Due to the cost and time involved in the set-up process, we are not able to provide actual print samples prior to production. You will, however, be provided with a clean and crisp proof of what the printed garment will look like.