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Fullfillment and Shipping

TSM leverages its fulfillment expertise and capitalizes on its web development resources to provide complete, end-to-end solutions that maximize your company's e-commerce endeavors. TSM has helped many companies realize their e-commerce potential by providing a wide variety of services that completely develop, organize, integrate and operate on-line services to establish a unique and competitive web presence.

Our e-commerce fulfillment services include:

  • on-line order entry website
  • secure real-time credit card authorization
  • on-line access to inventory information
  • electronic shipping confirmations
  • orders shipped within 48 hours; 75 percent shipped same day

TSM will work diligently with your IT department, or our own, to ensure your site is flawlessly integrated with our flexible distribution management system. We'll determine inventory levels and train our customer service specialists on your product to prepare for your e-commerce activities. Our highly skilled programmers, developers, and designers address the design components crucial to e-commerce site development.

We offer a number of services to securely process and store consumer purchasing records and credit card information, enabling customers to feel secure about making purchases over the Internet.

Simply building a website and waiting for customers to flock to your company's e-commerce store is like creating a product without first analyzing and refining it. Your company must be able to analyze site data to find out how to increase sales and traffic.

TSM has the technology to create reports that will show you where your traffic is coming from, what search terms people use to find your site and even the most popular products being looked at. In this way, our customers can refine their strategies to increase revenues.

Let us put our expertise to work for you.